Oak Selection

Our barrels are crafted from consistent, premium oak sourced exclusively from our own stave mills. Three options are available for crafting your unique Heinrich barrel:

Signature Oak

Our Signature oak features extra-fine grain staves which are hand selected in limited quantities, and seasoned naturally 36-months at our mill in Missouri. Signature oak is an excellent choice for winemakers seeking added elegance in their American oak barrels and pairs wells with all varietals.

Great Lakes Regional Selection Oak

Oak from the Great Lakes region is recognized for providing ultimate grain consistency due to the even distribution of growth rings. This fine grain oak is seasoned 24-months at our stave mill in Indiana, and provides a higher tannin structure which particularly complements dark fruit-driven wines that seek structure over richness. Fine tannins and a savory finish round out this oak’s characteristics.

Classic Oak

Our house blend, this classic oak selection features premium fine grain American Oak that is seasoned naturally 24-months at our stave mill in Missouri. This oak pairs well with structurally strong wines that want added richness and quicker integration.